Foundation School,Buxar

Audio Visual Enhanced Smart Education System

Foundation School’s Education system is smartly enhanced by Teach Next education system.

Teach Next is a digital learning ecosystem which makes the end-to-end process of teaching and learning easy and more engaging. At the core of Teach Next is a rich multimedia based, pedagogically appropriate contents mapped to school curriculum.

Apart from digital classroom hardware and content, the Teach Next ecosystem includes various features that makes everything from planning a class to evaluation students very effective .

The contents in Teach Next is well researched and pedagogically appropriate. It offers comprehensive solution, right from lesson planning to teaching and evaluation students.

With more than 6500 partner schools, Teach Next is India’s leading and most trusted digital classroom ecosystem.

To enhance teaching learning process all the classes have been converted into digi-classrooms. This enables immediate and permanent impact on the learners, making learning convenient, easy and interesting.

The Digital classrooms are equipped with the latest audio-video infrastructure based on the principles of smart Tutoring. This is a platform that employs unit-level multimedia tools, animations and interactive elements, making classes highly interesting and ensuring participation from all students. With unique features such as 3D graphics and the ability to magnify and go deep into the object under discussion, faculty members use these tools to maximize the learning experience for students.

The objective of Digital Classroom is designed to make every hour of learning very interesting . We ensure complete schooling- comprising class work, home work, assignments and projects or activities inside the School Campus. Moreover entire schooling is a process of learning by doing and hands- on- experience. The campus language is English.