About Us

The Foundation School endeavors to make a difference to your child’s life with rapid changes in lifestyles. It is important to seek balance between age old traditions and mordern outlook. The school is all set to create equilibrium by adopting the ancient technique of Gurukul education but with a scientific edge. It aspires to produce a citizen who is abreast with the changing times and yet rooted in indian value system.

The school is the dream of Mr. P. K. Mishra, son of the soil and the Secretary of LORD BUDDHA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION SOCIETY. He recognized the need of Buxar (and adjoining areas) which is lagging far behind in terms of affiliated secondary and higher secondary schools. The Foundation School is trying hard to bridge this gap by providing ample opportunities to motivate the students to register exemplary success in the field of education.

Foundation School, Buxar is an initiative of the Lord Buddha Educational Foundation Society a name synonymous with holistic, wholesome and quality education. The school is the dream of Mr. P.K Mishra, Son of the soil and the Secretary of the Society. He recognised the need of Buxar(and adjoining areas), which were lagging far behind in terms of world class education,affiliated secondary and higher secondary schools. The aim to inspire students and raise their aspirations to achieve highly in all that they do by giving them positive and creative learning environment

The main objective of the school is to foster values of life in the child’s training programme at all levels. It ensure promotion of rich indian values in our students to make them responsible & accountable citizens. The school aims to achieve excellence in teaching with the help of latest technology, rapidly expanding library and lab resources required for comprehensive learning and bringing out the hidden talents of the students

It also aims to explore the potential of the students and help them realize their capabilities by ensuring the availability of opportunities in various fields. The school recognizes quest of knowledge, enlightens and truth as the highest goals of life. All efforts are made to have the blending of academics and extra curricular activities for wholesome personality development of every student. The school is taking care of the mental, physical, creative and imaginative development of its students without putting undue strain on them.